Month: April 2018

تغییر نوع قرارداد نیروگاه سیکل ترکیبی زنجان4

Changing of the Zanjan Combined-Cycle Power Plant from BOO to BOT

Regarding the review of current situation and long term strategy of Korean investors, HEC and KEPCO (Korea Electric and Power Co) have started to renegotiate with TPPH (Thermal Power Plant Holding Co) to change the BOO contract to BOT and this negotiation is steel going on.

Negotiation for two new projects

With present political situation in Iran and abroad, and the attractiveness of the Iranian market and the strong potential of the activities in both hardware and software fields, lots of big foreign companies are carefully watching the local market. One of these companies is HEC (Hyundai Engineering Company) which beside the two older contracts -KPRC […]

Taking part in IRAN Oil Show-2018 with REVOSEAL company in hall 38B

Since the yearly exhibition of IRAN Oil Show in Tehran is a good chance to meet new producers, know-how and technologies, REVOSEAL and Hyupars Company have decided to take part in this oil show. We will be happy to meet you in our stand in hall 38B.