Kangan Petro Refining Complex (KPRC)-phase 2 project

Kangan Petro Refining Complex (KPRC)-phase 2 project

This project is the second phase of KPRC which mean is its further development  of phase 12 of South Pars Gas Field. The location of this project is Tonbak area on the Siraf to Kangan road. This project includes Five unites which are:

Olefin capacity is 1,000KTA

HDPE capacity is 350KTA

LLDPE capacity is 350KTA

MEG capacity is 500KTA

Utility and Offsite and Water Treatment.

Estimated price of the project is 3 billion Euros, EPCF contract is signed between HEC (Hyundai Engineering Co.) and AHDAF (related to the national oil pension fund-NIOCPF) on March 2017.

This project at present is in processes of getting the sovereign guarantee by the owner of project and financing arrangement by the Korean party.